Thai Fresh Cut Orchids for sale

Thai Success Associate Co.,Ltd is one of fresh cut orchid flowers wholesale company in Thailand. We provide high quality beautiful Thailand fresh cut orchid flowers for sale. We grow variety of orchid species such as dendrobium , cattleya , vanda, greenery & foliages to the worldwide customer. We deliver on time to worldwide and we guarantee the high quality of fresh orchids at best prices. Prices based on customer satisfaction.

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We are the professional in orchid grower and exporter. We provide varieties of Orchid Products and Foliages such as Fresh Cut Orchid flowers.We know how to care and keep them in the best condition until deliver to our customer.We also provide special orders for the Orchids as your request apart from our showing list.

We collect by size that below.

S         : 35-44 CMS.

M         : 45-50 CMS.

L          : 51-59 CMS.

LL         : 60 CMS. Up

Size of Carton : 38x75x39 CMS.

1 ctn. = 5 innerbox

Packing Size    LL, L = 70 st./pack

M, S = 80 st./pack

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If you need more information, feels free to contact us via phone or e-mail.

Thai Success Associate Co.,Ltd.

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