Order Info

  1. Full payment before delivery
  2. Order has to be placed 3 day prior to deliver date.
  3. All price are FOB. code price usd.
  4. Minimum order is $400 US.
  5. Invoice , Airwaybills , Phytosanitary , packing list will be faxed directly to customer.
  6. Offer a discount to the order above .

Damage Claim

  1. Damageable flowers or plants has to be noticed within 3 days upon receiving.
  2. E-mail us the photo of damageable flowers or plants..
  3. Official letter to confirm if insect or aphid were found.
  4. Other reason beyound our control will be considered case by case

If you are looking for orchids supplier. Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail for any further information.

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