We also provide special orders for the Orchids as your request apart from our showing list. Freshly cut flower from our farm completely to send through your hand.

We collect by size that below.

S : 35-44 CMS.

M : 45-50 CMS.

L : 51-59 CMS.

LL : 60 CMS. Up

Size of Carton : 38x75x39 CMS.

1 ctn. = 5 innerbox

Packing Size LL, L = 70 st./pack

M, S = 80 st./pack

             Vanda Purple

                   Vanda Red

               Vanda Pink

                   Vanda Yellow

          Vanda Blue

     Ascocenda Orange

     Ascocenda Yellow

If you are looking for orchids supplier. Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail for any further information.

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